This depends on your dog. 🐶

Could be a few weeks or several months - we figure this out for you when you first become a Paws customer. You can see when we plan to send you your next delivery in your Paws account if you subscribe.

How do we calculate it? When you order from Paws, we ask you a few quick questions to understand your dog’s breed, life stage, weight and activity level. Based on the results, and with expert input from our chief vet Andrew and his team of nutritionists, we recommend the right variety of food for your pup, exactly how much of it they need each day, and exactly how long your bag will last your individual dog, down to the day. 

If you subscribe to Paws we time the delivery of your next bag to arrive with you just before you run out. Holidays? Busy week? You can always reschedule your delivery to a day that better suits you.

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