You want to be the best pet parent you can be. That’s what gets us bounding out of bed at the crack of dawn here at Paws.

Rewind 18 months: we created Canine Choice to make good dog food more affordable than ever before. The positive feedback came thick and fast, and we’re thrilled to bits to have helped all those people and pups.

But we’re not the type to kick back and call it day!

So we wanted to give you a heads-up about a change on the horizon.

It’s time to evolve how we present Canine Choice.

Why? Because we’ve learned a lot since Canine Choice launched. 

In particular, we’ve learned that we can do more to practise what we preach in terms of transparency. When we first designed our packaging, we chose meat imagery that we thought would make it easy for pet parents to understand what was in the food. It did that job to some extent… but as we’ve grown our own understanding of dog food labels (and blimey they’re complicated), we realised it could be misunderstood.

It’s time to put that right. 

The next generation of Canine Choice will have the same great quality of recipe, same price, same pack size. Just a new, clearer look. 

Watch this space!

If you’re a current Paws subscriber, we’ll automatically send you the same food in its new look as soon as it’s ready to ship. You don’t need to lift a paw. 

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