I am a PetMeds customer and have questions

Why has Petmeds migrated with Paws?

We want our pet parents to have the best experience possible, and by migrating with Paws, we can offer an even better, more intuitive site. Our customers will have access to more services, like free consultations with our Health Advisors, as well as a more personalised journey, with tailored product recommendations and vet-approved content.

What will be different to me?

Everything you and your pet know and love will stay the same, from a wide and varied range of products to pick from, to reliable delivery and Repeat Order. On top of that, you’ll have more access to services to support you and your pet at every point.

What's changing?

Pet care, personalised

We'll offer handpicked recommendations and tailored suggestions, just for your pet

Improved content

You'll gain access to vet advice and informed blog posts, covering a host of topics

Help and advice

We have more qualified Health Advisors on-hand to help you make the best choices

What stays the same?

Products you trust

We'll still have a wide and varied range of the products you (and your pet) know and love

Regular deliveries

If you have a Repeat Order set up, there's no need to do anything, we'll simply transfer your details over when it's time, and your Petmeds login and password will work on Paws.

How can I login to my Paws account?

Rest assured, we will email you with further details to help you login to your Paws account. If you’re a brand new Paws customer, there’s no need to change anything, your Petmeds login will work for Paws. 

Can I see my previous PetMeds order?

Of course! You will be able to view your previous order on your Paws account. Find them under the My Orders tab and select All orders to view.

I had a repeat order on PetMeds, do I need to do anything?

We know how important it is that your pet gets what they need, when they need, so we’ve made sure you don’t need to do anything, and that your Repeat Order will continue as usual.

Will I be able to use my valid goodwill voucher on my future Paws order?

If you’ve received a goodwill voucher from the Customer Care team, and it’s still valid, it will work as usual on Paws. Unfortunately, marketing vouchers and promotional codes will not.