Why has Fetch joined Paws?

We’re so excited that Fetch has joined Paws

.Pet wellbeing is our ultimate focus at Paws, making sure every pet owner is informed and empowered to make the best decision for their fur family. This covers everything you and your pet need, from a tailored diet and personalised nutrition to essential treatments and reassuring insurance. The Paws team is a group of pet specialists with a genuine passion for all things cat and dog, from giving the best care to making sure it’s accessible for all pet parents.

In coming together with Fetch, we’ve been able to improve what we have to offer, making our team and our product selection the best it’s ever been. Our range has expanded to give you more choice, and we now offer great services to support you and your pet, including Pet Insurance and Repeat Order.

Alongside expertise you can trust, great products and pet services, we know how important reliable delivery is to our customers. To ensure we have something for every lifestyle, we’ve launched several delivery options to give you plenty of choice and make it easier than ever to pick a convenient time.