How can I change or add new the delivery address for my repeat order?

Please know that if you would like to change your delivery address for your repeat order you will have to do it before the order generation date.

If the order has generated the Customer Service team might still be able to update it for you. Please contact us by email or by telephone 0345 034 8699 Monday to Saturday 8am – 5pm.

If the order is not yet generated, simply click on “My orders” 

Then click on “Repeat orders

1)  Updating existing delivery addresses

Then click on "Edit" to amend your delivery address and choose the address you wish the order to be delivered too by clicking on “Select” and on “Save”

2) Adding new delivery address

If you would like to add a new delivery address, click on “Add address”

Fill in the address details and click on save address.

Once saved, go back to the “Repeat orders” section and follow the step 1.